Summer jobs coming to an end

If you have taken a position which was a summer job then you may soon be finding yourself out of work. Fear not there are many more jobs on the horizon and with all the university students heading back, many businesses are on the look out to recruit. If you are looking to work in the retail industry then you may find that shops are starting to recruit over the next few months ready for the run up to Christmas. The position may only be temporary again but often you can find a job that is temporary with the possibility of it leading to permanent work.

Make sure that you have your CV up to date and try and get in as early as possible. Spend a day or two going around dropping in your CV and speaking to business owners to see if they may be having any vacancies coming up.

An agency is a good way to find work fast in your local area. You have the option to go for temporary work where you may be working at different places each day or to wait a little longer and find a permanent placement.