Staying on the Good Side of your Boss

We all want to be able to get on with our boss and have a good time at work. It is not an easy relationship to manage though and sometimes, employees can find it hard to know exactly how to behave with their boss. Here are some tips for keeping your boss happy:

  • Ask questions and show an interest in the company. This will show that you are interested in your job and the people around you.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to have a laugh with your boss, if they are that kind of person.
  • Never take it too far though. Know when to stop. If you’re not sure whether to crack that joke or tell that story, ask yourself whether it will make you look professional. If it won’t, keep quiet.
  • Look for ways to go above and beyond your usual job role. This will help to get you noticed as a high achiever by your boss.