How to Manage the Job Hunting Process

Job hunting is a difficult time for anybody, whether you are in employment and want a change or whether you are unemployed. The only real way to approach it is to be organised, proactive and resilient. Here are some tips for finding your next job:

  • Chase people up. If you apply for your dream job and don’t hear back, don’t be afraid to call them. It’s possible they may not have seen your application. If they haven’t reviewed it yet, you will look like a very enthusiastic candidate.
  • Prepare yourself to be told you haven’t got the job. You won’t always be employed straight away. There is a lot of competition in most industries. Develop a thick skin and the right job will come along soon.
  • Be professional. Deal with recruiters and potential future employers in a professional manner.
  • Apply for lots of jobs. The more you apply for, the more used to the process you will get.