Finding the Right Agency when Job Hunting

If you are looking for a new job, probably one of your first ports of call will be a recruitment agency. Employers will often use an agency when recruiting, so this is an excellent way to gain access to many of the best positions on the market. The question is – which agency do you choose?

How do I find an agency to work with? 

The internet is an excellent resource, and you can also look for agencies local to you who have job roles nearby. You will sometimes be able to sign up online, or you may be required to email them over your CV.

Do I really need to work with an agency at all? 

It is very helpful to. Think of all the hard work an agency can do for you. Once you have signed up, you will no longer have to search for positions and apply for them individually.

Can I choose more than one agency? 

This is very much up to you. Agencies will often ask if you’ve signed up with other recruiters, and whilst you don’t have to be honest, it could be easy to slip up. It mostly depends on how seriously you are looking. If you need a new job straight away, work with as many recruiters as you have to. If you aren’t in a position to attend high volumes of interviews, maybe just work with one agency.

How do I know if an agency is right for me? 

Watch out for agencies who don’t want to meet with you in person. They tend to be less reliable when making matches between employers and candidates. If they don’t make the effort to get to know you, how can you be sure that they’re making the effort to really find out about the role they’re offering you?

Other than that, the most important advice is to find a recruitment consultant who understands you and what you are looking for. If you’re able to talk to them, be honest with them and they present you with good opportunities, keep the relationship going as it’s likely to be a beneficial one.