HR- how can they Help?

The HR department should be your first port of call if you are experiencing any issues within your job. They can also be an important contact if you are looking for a new job or have just been offered a new position. HR can give you lots of information about a position that you might […]

Staying on the Good Side of your Boss

We all want to be able to get on with our boss and have a good time at work. It is not an easy relationship to manage though and sometimes, employees can find it hard to know exactly how to behave with their boss. Here are some tips for keeping your boss happy: Ask questions […]

Deciding on the Right Career for You

Finding your perfect job is no easy task. It will take a number of factors for a job to be just right for you, so getting the perfect combination is easier said than done. We have some relevant advice for anybody trying to find the ideal job for them: Think about your strengths, as well […]

Temporary jobs

With Christmas fast approaching, it won’t be long before the shops start advertising for Christmas vacancies. Many Christmas vacancies are temporary to cover the period from November through till January but there may also be the opportunity within some posts to be offered a permanent position. Often the best way to find these jobs are […]

On the job training

Many companies offer on the job training to their employees and there are a number of ways in which this is done. Often on the job training works out more cost effective for the company than sending members of staff away n training courses.  It also allows them to teach the staff member the way […]

Work experience

Many students have the opportunity to go on a work experience week or possibly even two weeks when at secondary school. This is usually done in year 10 and then it may be offered again if you choose to stay in education. Some college courses and uni courses also ask that you take part in […]